Lolli Swim "Stay Golden" Fashion Show SS2018 Miami Swim Week 2017 Funkshion HD 1080P video scarica

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Yaers Fashion TV

Lolli Swim "Stay Golden" Fashion Show SS2018 Miami Swim Week 2017 Funkshion HD 1080P

Filmed by Jason Chen

Models walking for Lolli Swim Fashion Show
Lisiane Witt
Sofia Jamora
Lina Shekhovtsova
Malia Murphey
Fiona Barron
Leah Rose
andrea cronberg
Kelsi Kuhn
Amanda Li-Paige
Olivia Brower
Yovanna Ventura
Sarah Elainna
Tyrie Rudolph
Liz Rankey
Placida Csapó

Track: Waysons - Running [NCS Release]
Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.
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2 settimana fa
Which is your favorite swimwear? Comment below with time stamp.

1 giorno fa
The 1st and 4th were the best looking for sure

2 giorno fa

2 giorno fa
Give me a good bottle of wine & a Yaers Fashion Hub video & I'm set for life.

2 giorno fa
Love love love!! great show great energy!! wish i was there

3 giorno fa

4 giorno fa
my heart sokes up every moment of fun they are having :)

6 giorno fa
4:36 best

1 settimana fa
Who is 5:45

1 settimana fa
The first model is my favorite...

1 settimana fa
Guess nobody knows the first girls name?

1 settimana fa
2:57 name? ❤❤ God!

1 settimana fa
Truly marvellous

2 settimana fa
Versatile looks, very playful. I like it.

2 settimana fa
Difficult to get passed the first model,good god

2 settimana fa
1st one

2 settimana fa
Nice to see the models smiling and barefoot and hip bumping. Such a welcome change from the usual heels and blank looks.

2 settimana fa
Gangbang fashions

2 settimana fa
9:07 whats her name?

2 settimana fa