Kofi Kingston's miraculous Royal Rumble Match saves video scarica

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Watch the jaw-dropping athleticism and ingenuity of Kofi Kingston's incredible saves during the Royal Rumble Match.
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9 minuto fa
What a fiesta

2 ora fa
4:10 Look on the bottom left then you can see Grim in the blue shirt

3 ora fa

3 ora fa
Wasn't john Morrison start this royal rumble save thing?

8 ora fa

9 ora fa
Royal Rumble 2017?

11 ora fa
I swear I would've died if they fell in the last 1 XD

21 ora fa
420 time

22 ora fa
2016 the best

24 ora fa
No one can defeat kofi..

1 giorno fa
If it is about both feet hitting the floor why not hop around on one foot

1 giorno fa
Hell nah..
Why be such a hater?

1 giorno fa
This holiday is better than Christmas

1 giorno fa
"The floor is lava" be like..

2 giorno fa
If BOTH feet need to touch the ground in order to be eliminated, couldn't Kofi just fall out, land on one foot, and hop back in?

2 giorno fa
I pulled one off in 2k17

2 giorno fa

2 giorno fa
Hi people😂🌈

2 giorno fa
I can't apprehend me to RKO Kofi for doing that.

2 giorno fa
Kofi rocks...