Kofi Kingston's miraculous Royal Rumble Match saves video scarica

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Watch the jaw-dropping athleticism and ingenuity of Kofi Kingston's incredible saves during the Royal Rumble Match.
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5 ora fa
When did lil uzi join the wwe?

6 ora fa
WWE is so fake😂

9 ora fa
Kofi Kingston is the floor is lava champion😂

9 ora fa

9 ora fa
3:07 kofi stinkston

10 ora fa
Kofi is the RR god

13 ora fa

15 ora fa
When the floor is Lava

16 ora fa
Who Saw Kofi Stinkson?

16 ora fa
If he was smart he’d stay out of the ring so he could win bc no one could leave the ring to get his feet on the floor

20 ora fa
he is surviver

1 giorno fa
Royal rumble for Kofi Kingston

1 giorno fa
Kofi is never gonna win a rumble as they arnt gonna put him in mania for title

1 giorno fa
Hope all of you know that this is fake

1 giorno fa
U have to have balance to do that hit like if u agree

1 giorno fa
Kofi has some skills

2 giorno fa
he can fly

2 giorno fa
Kofi not wins rumble but he saves nice

2 giorno fa
Floor is lava

2 giorno fa
Bum bum bum bum bum