Shinsuke Nakamura's theme surprises people on NYC streets video scarica

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Violinist Lee England Jr. and WWE music wizards CFO$ took to the streets of New York City to perform a new version of Shinsuke Nakamura's theme song in Times Square, Central Park and the Barclays Center, which will host SummerSlam 2017.
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9 minuto fa
Am I the only one annoyed by the beat for some reason

2 ora fa
Oooohhh ohhhh ohhh

8 ora fa
Where do you find this people

23 ora fa
They need like 100 violins to play this at WM! Its gona be epic!

2 giorno fa
Those shoes tho

3 giorno fa
Y’all built him up all this much and then had him job out to Jinder.

3 giorno fa
I love the rissing sun

3 giorno fa

4 giorno fa
I am from The future.Wrestle Mania has just ended and I am happy to Inform u all That Shinsuke Nakamura is our New WWE Champion!!!

4 giorno fa
Pvta q wen rolon..¡👌:v 2018

4 giorno fa
Master piece

4 giorno fa
People who disliked this video are mo******ers

5 giorno fa
Somebodyelse getting goosebumps

5 giorno fa

6 giorno fa
What a masterpiece

7 giorno fa
I like it but I like bobby roodes song better and ps y'all dumb

1 settimana fa
woo awesome

1 settimana fa

1 settimana fa
The best song entrance ever

1 settimana fa
Thats raw