Usain Bolt loses in the 100m Finals running World Championships London 2017 video scarica

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Usain Bolt loses in the 100m Finals running World Championships London 2017

Justin Gatlin beats Usain Bolt on 100m

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Im still not understanding how they don't replay the race... In the other video it is clearly that bolts head was first

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I could never be a professional athlete. Too much of it depends on genetics and you never really know who's doping.
As for Bolt (who's legacy will always remain in tact as long as we don't find out that he doped some time in the future), he should have retired after the Olympics. I don't know if he just had an off day or if his cockiness led him to not train as hard, but now, even though he is the incumbent record holder, he will always be known as the man who lost to Gatlin. You're gonna have to take this L Bolt.

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They're all on drugs your clowns

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pathetic crowd

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Gatlin was there before Usain and is there after Usain..... he is on serious gear

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PED abuse for so long is already taking its tole on Bolts body.. dude runs liek an old lady once hes off the juice.. One of the biggest frauds in sports history,

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Honestly Gatlin does not deserve those boo's he deserved the win, that day he bested his rival, and in the end, showed respect to a Usain.

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i am proud of bolt because he is the legend for me and the winner even if he lose he always will be my hero.

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Gatling shutting up the unfriendly crowd after the victory: priceless.

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The Brits should be ashamed, nasty people

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The KING IS DEAD! Suck it Jamaicans.

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He didn’t lose he came 3rd for god sake

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def set up,.

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Did y'all notice she said lane 8 and he was in lane 7

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Yoo Bolt is acctualy second look closely as u pause it at the very end of the race they cheated the legend

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I I am very disappointed in you Usain Bolt

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This happens to every champion maybe bolt might pass on his legacy to someone else

This happened to lighting McQueen as well

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Gatlingodbless you..

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Usain still hold the record. .. he the fastest man alive. . He getting old to be running. I give it up to him cause he don't cheat like team America back I'm an America but thang, we cheated so many time in the Olympic.

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I wonder if there is a person that can break usains record but never got recognised...