Usain Bolt - 6 World Records in 100m (9.72, 9.69, 9.58), 200m (19.30 19.19), 4x100m relay (37.10) video scarica

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Not included is the 4x100m relay when the Jamaican team brought their own record World record of 37.10 down to 36.84 in the London Olympics (2012). But this video only shows his races from 2008-2009.

Since 2008, Usain Bolt has broken 6 world records, breaking the 100m and 200m records three and two times respectively, and with the help from his fellow Jamaican teammates, also set a new world record in the 4x100m relay in Beijing. In just a year, he's established himself as one of the greatest sprinters in history. Here are his 6 world record races provided to you by CBS Sports, NBC Olympics, and Universal Sports.

2008 Reebok Grand Prix

100m Final: 9.72

2008 Beijing Olympics

100m Final: 9.69
200m Final: 19.30
4x100m Relay Final: 37.10

2009 IAAF World Championships

100m Final: 9.58
200m Final: 19.19

He also has a "World's Best" record for the 150m that he set in Manchester, but this is considered more of an exhibition event.

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Forget Usain Bolt, did you see that cameraman at 2:00. he was going turbo.

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Black men have too much advantage physically.

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It might be 100 years before the world witnesses another Usain Bolt.

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Read an article by some track coach where he basically stated that Bolt was a jump in sprinting evolution. He wrote that there were several 100 and 200 times that track people considered legitimate milestones that Bolt just leapfrogged, and shattered what they thought humans were capable of. Unreal.

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Is he’s name actually Usain Bolt? Cause if it is, then that’s a pretty good name😏

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The fact that the announcer said “in the history of humankind” really gets to me. From ancient times to now, NO ONE can get to his record.

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I could easily keep up with him

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Bolt Jog = a regular human running

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How many time he got world record

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Wow wow wow!!! Impressive. Really exciting to watch.
Mr bolt is so graceful when he runs!
He looks like a gazelle.
congrats on all your wins and achievements!

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he's a legend

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Look at the name of the men at the left min 7:40

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The video was to fast i had to rewind it ..